First House

Why keep paying rent when you can build a first house! A first home or first house is a house that is usually the first which a person or family can afford to build or purchase, often using a combination of savings and mortgage financing! A first house is always recommended for anyone starting life.

A first house will prevent you from paying monthly exorbitant rent to Landlords. A first house will give you much peace from payment of rent, payment of water bills, electricity bills and any other bills to be imposed by the landlord from time to time. Aside this, people starting life keeps moving from one apartment to another which is a tedious task for anyone working as you will need to be ready to pay at least a 10% commission to rental agents not mentioning what they called the moving fee before you are been showed the house and if you do not like the house, that is the end of the moving fee!

Aren’t you tired of this stuff year by year? Considering the fact that the rooms that you pay so much for in rent and other charges are not your dream house! The rooms are very small, some with a lot of technical problems that you are left to face with! Few of them could be faulty plumbing works, faulty electrical issues, roof leakages, dampness of room, not very good aeration of rooms amongst other problems! The big question we at Conciv Engineering Limited is asking is why don’t you build a first house, move in and then concentrate on your dream house! Later on, this first house can be converted into a Boys Quarters! Or better still this first house can be sold or rented out to generate income for you when you move into your dream house. Why would you want to start your dream house whilst still paying rent? Why will you want to have so much of your monies locked up in an uncompleted building and keep taking loans to pay off rent?

We are offering you with an opportunity to build your first house at the minimal cost ever! A first house of about 80 square metres! Features of our proposed first house;

  1. Ensuite master bedroom
  2. A standard room
  3. Toilet & bath
  4. Hall
  5. Kitchen with a store
  6. Dining In the coming days, we shall outdoor the whole package in details for those that are tired of paying rent and will want to make do with a first house to subscribe!

For enquiries kindly contact us via the following

Call/whatsapp: 0302907912

Call only: 0548729742

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You can also visit us at our office located at GICEL Estate, (SCC inside, near the West Hills Mall) Block J4/58, Close to the Weija DVLA between the hours of 8AM-5PM, Mondays to Fridays.

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