Stop Work Produce Permit

Stop Work Produce Permit

Hello All! As we promised some weeks ago, we are still continuing our series of the right process in building your homes. Today, we want to deal with the procedure for obtaining a building permit for your home construction or any developmental activity you will like to undertake.

It is very important to obtain a building permit before starting your project or when the project is in motion (You will pay penalty) or when the project is completed.

The steps below will be beneficial to anyone interested in obtaining a building permit.

NB: You must have you land documents as well as your building plans as the first checklist


Buy your development and building permit application form from the Town and Country Planning Department and Works Department of the Assembly.



  • Evidence of land ownership
  • Building permit application form
  • 4 copies of building drawings

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS (For Multi-purpose and multi-usage)

  • 4 copies of structural drawings
  • Soil test report
  • Ghana National Fire Service report
  • Environmental Protection Agency report
  • Structural integrity report in case development has already commenced or is completed.
  • Up to date business registration and operating permit (For organizations)
  • Property rate payment receipt (For existing buildings)
  • Endorsement of plans for State Housing Company’s areas
  • Traffic Impact Assessment


Complete the application form in full with the required information. Add the above listed documents.


Pay processing fees and submit completed form with all required attachments to the Town & Country Planning Department of the Assembly. On submission, you shall be informed about the following:

  • Corrections to be made (if any)
  • Date for  site inspection


The secretariat will process the application within two weeks of receipt of application for the Technical Sub Committee’s inspection, assessment and recommendation.

  • The Technical Sub –Committee’s recommendation on the application is forwarded to the Statutory Planning Committee within a month of receipt of application for the final decision.

NB: Applicant may be informed of any corrections to be made.

  • The final decision of the Statutory Planning Committee is communicated to the applicant in writing within two working days.
  • Possible Decisions:
  • Approval
  • Regularization
  • Refusal
  • Deferral


  • On approval, pay the approved permit fee or penalty fee to the Bank as indicated in your approval letter and collect your development and building permits from the Works’ Department of the Assembly.
  • In the case of deferral, the applicant will be notified and advised on what needs to be done for further consideration.
  • In case of refusal, the applicant will be notified of the reason(s) for the refusal.

By the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, Town & Country Planning Department

Source: Sleep Well In Ghana

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