Ghana’s construction industry is lively but needs regulation

Over the past two decades, Ghana’s construction sector has both contributed to and benefited from a rapidly growing economy. The government is investing in rail, road and property projects across the country amid strong demand created by an expanding urban service economy. This is reflected in the increased spend in the 2019 budget. In 2016 and 2017, construction […]

The Importance Of Having A Proffesional Building Plan

Construction planning and preparation play a very important role in today’s construction. The effectiveness of the planning and preparation lead to the success of a project including the quality and time consumed in completing the project. A good and properly planned construction site can improve the efficiency and even the safety of the construction operation. […]

Procedure To Register A House

There are various procedures to register land in Ghana. The procedure depends on the type of land involved NB: It is always advisable to follow due diligence to avoid being dragged into a never conclusive land disputes by ensuring that:(a) you are dealing with the rightful owner of the land recognized by law-a quick official search […]

How to acquire a genuine land in Ghana

Buying land – referring to either undeveloped land or lands with buildings – in Ghana is a huge investment. For this reason, buyers need to conduct due diligence before purchasing any block of land. People have invested in parcels of land which have led to litigation, loss of investments, and in some instances loss of lives! […]

Top 10 Tips and Best Practices for Managing Construction Projects

Disaster stories in construction abound—unfinished homes and buildings, blown budgets, lawsuits and contractors fleeing from the job. Here are a few tips and construction management best practices to help maintain your sanity during your construction project: Seek wisdom in all the right places. Hire the best professionals within your means for design, building and construction management. Going […]

Stop Work Produce Permit

Hello All! As we promised some weeks ago, we are still continuing our series of the right process in building your homes. Today, we want to deal with the procedure for obtaining a building permit for your home construction or any developmental activity you will like to undertake. It is very important to obtain a […]


Do you experience dampness or water rising on your walls causing your paintings to peel off or blocks to start failing? TAKE A READ I had a hectic day somewhere in December and decided to rest in a hotel instead of travelling all the way back to Accra. To my dismay I was greeted with […]

First House

Why keep paying rent when you can build a first house! A first home or first house is a house that is usually the first which a person or family can afford to build or purchase, often using a combination of savings and mortgage financing! A first house is always recommended for anyone starting life. […]